Pakamon Sasatanun, a PhD.’s student of ICO-NIDA who successfully published her research article in “Antecedents and outcomes associated with social media use in customer relationship management of Thai microenterprises”, The International journal ranked in the Scimago journal database.      A mission of the International College of NIDA (ICO-NIDA) is to help our

This is an interesting study of the relevant role of Thailand on international trade of food and agricultural products, which are in concordance with its successful national strategy positioned itself as the “Kitchen of the World”. To that end, and when looking at its agricultural promotion and export policies, the country has not yet taken

Parents or Peers, Wealth or Warmth?

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 by

The purpose of this paper is to gain knowledge between family wealth, positive outlook, and support from significant others, incorporating parents and friends, on self-efficacy and happiness. The partial least squared structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) has been used to analyze the impact of family wealth, social support, and positive outlook on self-efficacy and one’s own

Nonprofit Organizations and ICT

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The role of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) in nations’ development has received little attention from scholars in developing countries. However, a growing body of experience indicates that NPOs play a positive role in that development (Clark, 1991). Their contributions to economic development include providing goods and services, especially meeting needs that have not thus far been

It is recalled that Oil shale is an atypical petroleum source that can be produced home-grown in the USA. The main oil shale resources are largely based in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado, within the Colorado River Basin. The aim of this research is to highlight the life water consumptive usage for oil shale production and