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Truly International College with Interdisciplinary Subjects

     ICO NIDA provides talented students from different cultures around the world an opportunity to enhance their skills in a chosen management field. Professors from leading universities and executives from well-known companies around the world are invited to teach at ICO NIDA.

The program covers diverse disciplines of management in business sector, public sectors, social enterprise, and community enterprise. It offers talented students from different cultures around the world an opportunity to enhance their skill in a chosen management concentration.

The teaching arrangement of ICO NIDA is comprised of the combination among practical learning  and practices, as well as providing activities to promote learning and development in
various fields.  (



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Welcome to International College of National Institute of Development Administration (ICO NIDA) (read more).


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Reflection from ICO NIDA's visiting professors

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International students' impression of ICO NIDA 

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Double Degree RheinMain University and International College of NIDA



Film production of Media Management students in winter 2013 2014. Watch Video (click here)


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International College of NIDA has signed MOU with a number of collaborated universities around the world: Check our international partner universities and its condition (read more...)


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Student highlights: Congratulation to Mr.Thananut Singhathep, the  current student at ICO NIDA and ICO NIDA's scholarship recipient, for being selected as the winner for the Mekong Institute New Zealand Ambassador Scholarship (MINZAS) program in 2014 (read more...).